Carmen & Family

Since 1979, Carmen & Family BBQ has been serving the Bay Area’s best BBQ. Black-owned, family-owned, and family-operated, you can walk into our Hayward or Fremont locations and meet Carmen, her kids, and her grandkids. Our Hayward location has been using the same in-house BBQ fire pit since 1979, smoking all our meats (including our homemade links) with delicious almond wood. We make our BBQ sauces in-house! 

You simply won't find these flavors anywhere else!

Come try the Bay Area's best BBQ for yourself!

Carmen was honoured with a lifetime achievement award by the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People)!

The City of Hayward gave their 'Business Recognition Award' to Carmen & Family Bar-B-Que

Carmen, Michelle, and Shauna competed on The Price Is Right